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Graduation Live Stream

Live Stream is subject to change based on command.

A Family Community.

Welcome to our Air Force Family and Friends group. We celebrate the choice your loved one made to serve our country and the success both at recruit training and their ongoing journey in the Navy.  

During this time of unknown and lack of answers, we hope to provide some stability & joy to your weeks away from your loved one. Each week we will be offering virtual activities, such as Trivia Tuesday, Thursday Scavenger Hunt, and a weekly live stream celebration from Washington DC to honor your graduates.

Join Andrew, CEO of Recruit Graduation (USMC Veteran), and his awesome team of active-duty spouses and veterans each day on Facebook to build a strong & courageous community. 

Start Exploring our Resources

Start celebrating your loved one's accomplishments through a Military KUDO Board. A KUDO is a way of saying, "Good Job," or "Well done on your success."

We have a main KUDO board for each graduation, which everyone is encouraged to sign. Plus, you can create individual boards to share other special moments with. your recruit.

See FILES on our Air Force Facebook Group for each week's KUDO board.


We have weekly activities to keep you engaged with your recruit's journey at boot camp training.

Our actives are all virtual through ZOOM Meetings. Check out our schedule and sign-up for some fun.


Andrew, CEO and USMC veteran, finds the intersection between inspiration and fun. His high-energy guests bring both informative and engaging content.