A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words pretty much sums of the power of our printed Kudo board posters. Handwritten letters are the life-blood of a military member’s motivation. Mail call is a coveted time starting at boot camp and extending through schools, training, and deployments. 

Studies show that letters and pictures received from family and friends increase engagement, happiness, and purpose. 

I remember having pictures taped to my wall locker at my first school following recruit graduation. I loved seeing my wife’s smile each morning before heading out.” Andrew, USMC Veteran

Ideas for sending a print version:

  • A-School or follow-on training
  • Deployment and homecoming
  • First Duty-station
  • Recruit Training (only if you can print an 8×12 version)
  • Military birthdays or other special events

We recommend you print your board at a local print shop to save money. Read how you can print your personal boards.