Six Military Spouses

Meet six amazing women and their inspiring stories of resilience. Before their husbands left for boot camp, they were strangers. Now, they laugh and cry together, building a lifelong bond. I was beyond honored to spend two hours with them learning their stores of raw emotions and gut determination to overcome adversity.

The military community is known for ‘taking care of their own.’ The time-honored tradition goes beyond the battlefield comradery, but is front and center with the spouse back home. My article is about the power of love and overcoming life’s most disappointing times. 

When I met Amanda, Anna, Hannah, Danielle, and Robyn, their husbands were a week away from graduation. But sadly, coincided with the outbreak of the COVID-19. And to make things worse, all boot camp graduations were canceled, including the live stream. The news hit fast and hard to the thousands of family members preparing to attend the most important event of their lifetime. Through a shakey and torn voice, Robyn explained, “as soon as I found out his graduation date, I purchased my airline ticket, hotel, and car rental. I cried and yelled for hours the moment I heard it was all canceled.” 

For those not privileged to have attended a military graduation can never understand the magnitude of let down the news brought. However, the support system built over the previous seven weeks provided comfort to these five. “There is not a day that goes by when I don’t talk with the other four through Facebook messenger or video chat.” Amanda continues, “the day I got the news we wouldn’t see our husbands graduate, I took comfort knowing my sisters would keep me strong.” 

The power of relationships is powerful and often beyond practical explanation. I spent two hours with these five amazing women and learned it is ok to cry, to be angry, and then to laugh. I felt their hurt and sadness. I knew they would be ok. There resilience and courage will blossom as they walk side-by-side with their husbands beyond graduation. They will bring comfort to the new spouses that will experience the same loneliness. They will prevail and stand for everything right in this world. 

I am so honored to have met Amanda, Anna, Hannah, Danielle, and Robyn. They have changed my life, and I have no doubt they will carry forward, changing the world around them.