What are Training Groups, Divisions & Ships

Training Group (TG)

TG stands for Training Group, the group of Recruits that graduate on the same day. The number of divisions in a training group vary between 4 and 16.

What is a Division?

A division is approximately 88 recruits who live and train together. There can be as few as 55 to as many as 100 recruits in a division. There are three types of divisions at RTC: Rifle Divisions. 800 Divisions and 900 Divisions. The Rifle Divisions begin with 001 each year for TG 01 and go through the 300's by the end of the Navy fiscal year. 800 divisions are the divisions for the special warfare candidates.  900 divisions are the performance divisions.

900 Divisions

There are 3 types of 900 divisions. There are the Band/Bluejacket Choir/Drill team, otherwise known as Triple Threat (the musicians, singers, and drill team), the Sticks (those who carry the state flags), and the Ship Staff/Honor Guard (the body snatchers, those who guard various things...).

700 Divisions

The 700 divisions are for recruits who are not currently on track to have PIR for some reason. Recruits who are Sick in Quarters in the Recruit Convalescent Unit (RCU)  are in DIV 741. Recruits who are in the RCU awaiting the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) are in Divisions 748 or 749. Recruits who are in Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) are in a 700 division. Recruits who are in Separations (SEPS) are in a 700 division. There are other 700 divisions for other programs at RTC as well. 

What is a ship at RTC?

There are 14 different "ships" (barracks), and 12 or 16 divisions in each ship, and every one of them has a different address. Each ship has its own galley, as well as multiple classrooms. There are four sleeping compartments on each floor (deck) of the ship.