Navy RTC – Captain’s Cup Competition

Culmination of Recruit Training

Seaman Recruits perform sit ups during a Captain's Cup at Recruit Training Command (RTC). Recruit divisions compete against each other in ten different events to earn the Captain's Cup trophy and to have the opportunity to display the Captain's Cup flag at their pass-in-review (PIR).

Team Building, RDC Pride and Accomplishment

Although the recruits are playing games against one another, this is the first time in their training where they are putting their team building and motivational skills to the test. These are skills that will set them up for success in the fleet.

For the RDCs who have spent the previous seven weeks working to turn their division from civilians to basically trained Sailors, this is an opportunity to take a step back and witness their recruits work together for the first time by themselves. It gives them a sense of pride to see their hard work and dedication come to a crescendo.

The recruits who are not actively participating in an activity can be found on the sidelines cheering their future shipmates to victory. The high amount of energy in the room comes from these recruits and the positive enforcement they show towards one another.

Both a non-integrated (all male) and integrated (male and female) division are awarded a Captain's Cup trophy and Captain's Cup flag. The winning divisions get a chance to display their pride by taking a victory a lap around the hall with their prizes.


The morning begins with each division performing a prepared one-minute long divisional chant. Each chant is graded on the amount of Navy pride, creativity and originality that each division puts forth. The chants are graded by Sailors going through Recruit Division Commander (RDC) "C" School and the winning division earns a trophy at the conclusion of Captain's Cup.


The recruits then participate against the other divisions in their training group in ten different events. The events include push-ups, pull-ups, curl-ups, seabag relay, basketball, softball throw, volleyball, firefighting equipment relay, rescue carry and the 1.5 mile relay run. If a tie occurs between two divisions, a tug-of-war is used to determine the winner.

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