Military Kudo Board

Military KUDO Board

A new way to write letters and celebrate the success of your recruit.

What is a KUDO Board.

A Kudo is a military tradition of saying congratulations for doing a good job - such as, "Congrats for becoming a Sailor." Military Kudo boards are created and delivered electronically or you can print them out.

πŸ“Œ Subscribe and create unlimited boards

πŸ“Œ Sign a recruit community board

πŸ“Œ Write a KUDO board letter

πŸ“Œ Invite family & friends to join

See a Sample Board

Community Boards

Weekly boards are created each week for all branch graduations.

How to sign a community board.

βœ… Visit your Facebook Group

βœ… Click on the Files tab (located on the left-side menu)

βœ… Identify your recruit’s graduation date

βœ… Add your message, image and or video

βœ… Register for a free account (use your email and not recruit’s)

βœ… Share the link with other contributors

βœ… Free delivery to four of your contacts. (delivery form)

How to create your own Kudo Board

Military Families are welcome to create their own boards.

βœ… Visit Military.Kudoboard.com

βœ… Login in or register for an account*

βœ… Create your personal board

βœ… Invite others to sign

βœ… Schedule a delivery date

*if you signed a community board you already have an account

See how a KUDO Board works.