Navy Weekly Training Schedule

Week One

Becoming a Sailor, Part 1: Arrival Night at Boot Camp

Arrival night is one of the most intimidating aspects of heading to US Navy boot camp: It's dark, it's loud, it's intense, and it's designed to immediately test recruits on how they react under pressure. Follow along in our series "Becoming a Sailor" to see what Navy recruits experience as they go through bootcamp at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, the Navy's only recruit training facility.

Week Two

Becoming a Sailor, Part 2: Getting in the Water

It might seem obvious, but it's also critically important: To be in the Navy, you need to know how to survive — and fight — in the water. Get ready to dive in. On day one, recruits go to the pool to do their initial swim test.

Week Three

Becoming a Sailor, Part 3: Learning to Shoot

One of the critical skills all sailors need to learn when they enter the Navy is how to use a firearm. Whether standing watch or pulling security, it's something all sailors have to know how to do. 


Week Four

Becoming a Sailor, Part 4: Get Fit or Go Home

In order to get through boot camp, recruits must pass a physical fitness test. The Navy has raised its standards in recent years — making sure all future sailors have a basic level of fitness. Failure to perform the required run, curl ups and push ups can get you sent home.

Week Five

Becoming a Sailor, Part 5: The Gas Chamber

The 'confidence chamber' at Navy boot camp is known as recruits' "best, worst day." It's an uncomfortable and challenging experience where recruits are exposed to CS gas in order to test them under stress and build confidence in their gas mask gear.

Week Six

Becoming a Sailor, Part 6: Every Sailor is a Firefighter

At sea, there is no fire department to come help you if a fire breaks out from an accident or attack. In the fleet, every sailor is charged with keeping their fellow sailors safe by knowing how to fight a blaze on a ship — and it all starts in boot camp.

Week Seven

Becoming a Sailor, Part 7: Battle Stations

The final exam of Navy boot camp is an intense, 12-hour experience designed to test sailors under pressure and make them perform under stress, all in a recreation of a guided-missile destroyer. It's the culmination of boot camp training, and its name says it all: Battle Stations.